Chaosmen – Caspar 超低音炮纯直男


I hate to go for the obvious, but Caspar looks like a sexy, giant lumberjack!

With his full beard, a very tall 6’5″ and a VERY deep voice, all he needs is a plaid shirt and suspenders!

Sorry lumberjack fans, obviously he is a body builder, a professional trainer, and also does physical therapy.

He is straight, but has no problems dipping into the male arena. He likes dominant females, and sounds like it can get pretty intense with the BDSM. Women have pegged him many times, and his ass had some flogging marks I was shooting around. You may also notice some cupping bruises that were all the rage with Olympic athletes last year.

Given his wild side, he figured he was a natural for porn. He has done some gay video work before, but not sure how much got released. So he was very comfortable in front of the camera.
He is eager to start shooting and sounds like he is down for everything, so stay tuned!


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