The Full English – Hopeless Romantic – MAX


Max has been working in the commercial UK adult film industry for the past three years but as he doesn’t do solo scenes you will have only seen him performing in hardcore features with a bevy of female beauties. Since he is arguably the most handsome hetero porn actor in Britain today we decided we simply had to find a way around his no-solo rule and get this photogenic man to agree to a feature with us.

With glossy jet black hair and shoe-brush-bristle framing his brooding, almost expressionless face it’s easy to assume that Max is a Euro porn stud who has been flown in as a reliable stock-cock to service the porn actresses but he is actually from these shores: South Wales to be precise, and although he may look like a super-suave stud, Max really is a boy-next-door puppy who prefers coffee to alcohol, shopping to football, and just might be the best friend a girl could wish for.

We’ve talked before how most commercial porn sites fixate mainly on the girls, understandably perhaps, but this means they can be quite oblivious to the beauty of an occasional extraordinary male performer and Max is a classic example of a wasted opportunity. We really wanted to get under the fingernails of this beauty, smell the sweat and ideally extract some jolly filth from his pretty head but in truth Max is as romantic and gentle as the vanilla-couples porn genre he favours working in. We had to settle for the ‘extra hair’ option: Max gave us a good extra month’s growth as opposed to his usual shaved/body stubble so ubiquitous in general porn today.

When you can see Max getting up to all sorts in over twenty films we see our role as capturing the best in-depth feature possible and getting to understand what makes this lovely man tick. We’ve already learned that a day with Max is a day of phone rings, texts, alerts, requests for dates, shoots, and calls from a myriad of fuck buddy girlfriends. In parts one and two (showing in one film) we visit Max in his hometown and watch him showering and pouring out his heart (and insecurities) in London.

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